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We know that our industry can seem very complicated.  We want to make sure you are as informed as possible in order to aid you in making the decisions that are most beneficial to you.  We are always happy to talk anything through with you but have included a set of answers to common questions that we know our customers value.If you can’t find the answer among these then please do contact us directly.

Our Composite Magnum doors, SolidCore and uPVC doors are all manufactured by Consort.

We are proud of our relationship with our manufacturer Consort Windows.  As one of the largest the largest and longest manufacturers to the trade of uPVC and door systems, we really reap the benefit or their expertise in design and manufacturing.  It is a privilege to partner with such a company and due to the nature of our relationship we are able to secure a level of customer service that enables us to provide exceptional products to our customers in a timely manner.

To read more about Consort please click the link Consort Windows

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To further add to the suite of doors that we are able to deliver we can also select from the extensive range of Solidor Composite Doors.  A UK based company that has a great reputation within the composite door sector, providing doors are known for their durability, security, and aesthetic appeal. We have long standing partnership with this company which enables us to really reap the rewards of great customer service coupled with providing our customers with a really first-rate product

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Our aluminium Bifold system is manufactured in the UK by Sternfenster.  They are known best for their innovative designs, advance technology and commitment to quality.   Their technical expertise is notable, helping us deliver a superior product within the time-frames required by our customers.  Although not a core product for Alpha Windows, they also manufactures aluminium windows and french doors and our sales teams at Alpha Windows would be delighted to talk through the various options with you.

When purchasing a door through us from Consort or Solidor a Ultion lock is provided as standard. This superior lock is called the Ultion because it offers the ultimate in locking protection, a revolutionary system that when locked, stays locked! When it detects attack, a hidden lock within the Ultion automatically engages, so that even when snapped twice nothing gets past it. Any attempt at forced entry will immediately see the Ultion go into ‘Lockdown Mode’ where a protected attack lock activates directly into the central cam, something you won’t get with any instant access lock.  Leaving a key on the inside of the lock won’t affect its performance either.

Secured by Design is a crime prevention initiative in the UK. It is an accreditation scheme that aims to improve the security of buildings and reduce crime through effective design. It was established in 1989 and is supported by the UK police. To achieve an accreditation certain standards and criteria have to be met as set by the initiative. Approved products can only be manufactured by a Secured By Design license holder who goes through stringent independent UKAS approved testing.

PAS 24 is a British standard that specifies the enhanced security performance requirements for doors and windows in the UK. It is a certification that ensures a certain level of security for doors and windows against unauthorized access, burglary, and other forced entry methods. The standard is part of the British Standards Institution (BSI) PAS (Publicly Available Specification) series, specifically focusing on the security of windows and doors in buildings.

For a door or window to receive the PAS 24 certification, it must meet various security criteria, including resistance against:

Physical Attacks: The door or window must withstand physical attacks like drilling, cutting, and levering, ensuring that it cannot be easily forced open.

Manipulation: The locking mechanisms and components should be designed to resist manipulation attempts, such as lock picking and bumping.

Impact: The door or window should be able to withstand impacts and attempts to break it by force, ensuring that it remains intact and secure.

Drilling: The locking points and components should be drill-resistant to prevent attackers from drilling through the lock cylinder or other parts of the door or window.

Sawing: The materials used in the construction of the door or window should resist sawing attempts, making it difficult for burglars to cut through the frame or other vulnerable areas.

Hinge Manipulation: For doors, the hinges should be designed to resist attempts to remove the door by manipulating the hinges

A threshold is a horizontal strip that forms the bottom of a door frame and separates the interior from the exterior of a building.The threshold creates a barrier against external weather conditions, preventing rainwater, drafts, and insects from entering the building under the door. It helps maintain a comfortable and dry indoor environment. Its also provides structural support to the door frame and helps distribute the weight of the door evenly. It also helps prevent the door from sagging over time.Low thresholds can be selected to provide a seamless transition for wheelchair users and prevent tripping hazards.

All our windows are ‘A’ rated as standard and are therefore one of the highest performing windows on the market in terms of energy efficiency, heat retention and over performance. A rated windows help reduce energy bills and can prevent heat from escaping from your home in the cooler months.To understand more about the rating of windows please visit British Fenestration Rating Council

U-values play a crucial role when it comes to windows and the energy efficiency.  The U-Value of window represents its overall thermal transmittance, taking into account the frame, glass and other components that make up the window. Windows with lower U-values provide better insulation and reduce heat loss or gain.Various factors influence the U-value including, Glass type, coatings, spacers, frame material and window design.Our windows are double paned with warm edged spacers, have Low-E Coatings and filled with Argon.  Achieving a low U-Value for our customers.  It is important to note that U-value’s change when you change elements of your window design our team will be happy to advise you on this when choosing your window.

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