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We are able to offer a range of VEKA uPVC window profiles which combine style with performance. These include casements with a Fully Sculptured profile, a Chamfered profile and the sleek Flush System. Once you have chosen your preferred style of window Alpha Windows can work with you to design how your windows look  to your own personal preference.  You can choose from a range of features whether it be to add Georgian Bars, Leads, Textured Coloured Frames or Mock Horns, we are happy to design your perfect window.

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What you can expect when you purchase your windows with Alpha Windows

Quality and Durability

Built to withstand various weather conditions for many years

Energy Efficient

Helping to reduce heating and cooling cost by minimising heat transfer

Style and Design

Bespoke Windows to complement the overall aesthetic of your home with a wide range of colour options


Windows that are designed to enhance the safety and security of your home


Products that come with a guarantee as specified to you as part of your sales process. We also provide customers with a 10 year Insurance Backed Guarantee and deposit insurance where applicable.

Customer Service

From sales, to ordering, installation and beyond, you are always a valued customer to Alpha Windows.  A dedicated point of contact will make sure your experience is positive and timely.

Helping you to choose the styles of uPVC Windows that is right for you.

We are able to offer a range of VEKA uPVC window profiles which combine style with performance. These include casements with a Fully Sculptured profile, a Chamfered profile and the sleek Flush System.

Fully Sculptured Windows

uPVC Sash Frame with a rounded edge, creating a softer look and mirrors the look of traditional timber frames

Chamfered Windows

uPVC sash frame with a straight angular edge giving a modern sleek look

Flush Windows

This uPVC frame has the sash sitting flush with the outer frame when the window is closed. This gives a seamless appearance to the window which is clean and contemporary.

Tilt and Turn

This window is extremely versatile in that it has a unique opening and closing system that allows you to ventilate your home in different ways.

Bay windows

Bay windows typically consist of three separate window casements which extend from the outside wall of the house creating a larger sill area inside the house. This can be used or seating or a decorative space. The middle windows casement is usually bigger than others providing a picture window effect.

Bow windows

Bow Windows are made up of four or more casements, usually of equal size. They have more of a curved appearance when the casements are joined together being the same size which gives a visually appealing symmetrical appearance.

Vertical Sliders/Sash Windows

The uPVC sash windows give traditional styling but with the modern technology and benefits of a uPVC window.

What makes up a window?

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We know that our industry can seem very complicated.  We want to make sure you are as informed as possible in order to aid you in making the decisions that are most beneficial to you.  We are always happy to talk anything through with you but have included a set of answers to common questions that we know our customers value.If you can’t find the answer among these then please do contact us directly.

There are many colour options to choose from within our range. You can also select to have a dual colour where you can choose to have a different colour internally to that of your external colour.

We are proud of our relationship with our manufacturer Consort Windows.  As one of the largest the largest and longest manufacturers to the trade of uPVC and door systems, we really reap the benefit or their expertise in design and manufacturing.  It is a privilege to partner with such a company and due to the nature of our relationship we are able to secure a level of customer service that enables us to provide exceptional products to our customers in a timely manner. To read more about Consort please click the link Consort Windows

Secured by Design is a crime prevention initiative in the UK. It is an accreditation scheme that aims to improve the security of buildings and reduce crime through effective design. It was established in 1989 and is supported by the UK police. To achieve an accreditation certain standards and criteria have to be met as set by the initiative. Approved products can only be manufactured by a Secured By Design license holder who goes through stringent independent UKAS approved testing.

All our windows are ‘A’ rated as standard and are therefore one of the highest performing windows on the market in terms of energy efficiency, heat retention and over performance. A rated windows help reduce energy bills and can prevent heat from escaping from your home in the cooler months. To understand more about the rating of windows please visit British Fenestration Rating Council

U-values play a crucial role when it comes to windows and the energy efficiency.  The U-Value of window represents its overall thermal transmittance, taking into account the frame, glass and other components that make up the window. Windows with lower U-values provide better insulation and reduce heat loss or gain.Various factors influence the U-value including, Glass type, coatings, spacers, frame material and window design.Our windows are double paned with warm edged spacers, have Low-E Coatings and filled with Argon.  Achieving a low U-Value for our customers.  It is important to note that U-value’s change when you change elements of your window design our team will be happy to advise you on this when choosing your window.

Whilst replacing your windows can help to reduce noise transmission into a building and improve sound insulation it is important to note that there are specific types of glass that are manufactured specifically to reduce noise. If you have specific noise reduction requirements then please speak to the team when you are making your enquiries. There is a helpful section in the glass area of this website to give you more information. You can find it here

Trickle vents are small openings installed in windows and doors to provide controlled ventilation and air exchange within buildings. These vents allow a continuous flow of fresh air into the building, even when windows and doors are closed, helping to maintain indoor air quality and prevent issues like condensation and mold growth.In line with the new rules, anything installed after 15 June 2022, all windows and doors must be fitted with trickle vents, unless there is an alternative, dedicated ventilation system fitted. This includes windows and doors in newly built homes, windows and doors in newly built extensions, as well as all replacement windows and doors, regardless of whether they have trickle vents currently or not.All windows and doors must comply with the new building regulations and is requirement of the law.  Unfortunately there is no choice – you have to have them.

Condensation forms on windows when warm, moist air comes into contact with a cold surface. This phenomenon occurs because warm air can hold more moisture (humidity) than cold air. When warm, humid indoor air comes into contact with the cold surface of a window, the air cools down. As it cools, it loses its ability to hold moisture, leading to the excess water vapor turning into liquid water, which appears as condensation on the windowpane.

If condensation has formed on the inside of your window, this is perfectly normal. In fact, this is a sign that your windows are working properly so you shouldn’t be worried that your new windows have condensation. This is because double glazing reduces the amount of heat transmittance from one side of the glass to the other, this creates a massive difference in temperature form one side of the glass to the other.  The warm air within your house meets the cool surface of the window which creates moisture.

How to reduce condensation?

  1. Ventilation is the key – open windows and doors when weather permits especially in moisture prone rooms like kitchens and bathroom.  Keeping trickle vents open all year round will help combat condensation.
  2. Ensure warm air circulates freely around your home.  Avoid obstructing radiators and vents with furniture and curtains.
  3. Avoid drying washing inside – if necessary, use a well-ventilated, airy room.
  4. Where moisture is a problem the use of a dehumidifier can significantly lower indoor humidity levels.

If you are experiencing moisture between your window panes that this as an indication that your window is failing and it might be time to replace it.  A survey from our Alpha Windows team will help you establish if this is required.

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