Alpha Windows want to ensure that our customers have a high quality window as well as having the look you desire for your home.  This is why all our windows are ‘A’ rated with a Low-E glass as standard.

An ‘A’ rated window is one of the highest performing windows on the market in terms of energy efficiency, heat retention and overall performance. ‘A’ rated windows help reduce energy bills and can prevent heat from escaping your home.  Click link to read more about windows and how the energy rating is determined British Fenestration Rating Council

Low-E glass stands for low emissivity glass, a measure of a material’s ability to radiate energy.  It is designed to minimise heat transfer through windows while allowing light to pass through.  This glass has a thin, transparent coating applied to the surface which reflects a significant amount of heat energy back to its source.  This helps to improve energy efficiency in your home by preventing heat from escaping during the colder months and reducing heat gain in the warmer seasons contributing to the comfort experienced in your home.

Obscure Glass

Designed to be partially or fully opaque, obscuring visibility whilst still allowing light to pass through it, giving you privacy you require without reducing the airy light feeling you desire. 

We have a range of obscure glass options on offer that provide different privacy levels to satisfy your requirements. Ranging from Level 1 to 5, with 5 achieving the greatest level of privacy, you can decide which one will work best for you. 

Having selected the privacy level you desire, there is then a number of designs you can choose for each level.

This brochure will help you decide the right one for you and we would love to see you in the showroom where we have a good selection of the glass available for you to view.


This glass can also be known as tempered glass and is a type of safety glass that is processed to increase its strength compared to regular glass.  It is more resistant to breakage and shattering and if it does break it fragments in small, harmless blunt pieces rather than sharp shards of glass. Toughened glass has a increased impact resistance and is stronger than standard glass so it withstand hight levels of force and sudden changes in temperature without breaking.

Due to it’s safety properties this type of glass will be appropriate where safety is a concern.  There are certain situations where toughened glass will be required to meet building regulations – our sales team know the rules and will advise you accordingly.


Like toughened glass laminated glass is a safety glass.  Here the glass consists of glass bonded together with either and PVB or EVA resin.  The layers are fused through heat and pressure to create a strong and durable composite material.  Laminated differs to toughened as it has the ability to remain intact when shattered.  When impacted the glass may crack, but the interlayer holds the broken pieces together preventing them from separating and reducing the risk of injury from glass fragments.

Noise Reduction Glass

Also known as soundproof or acoustic glass it is design to reduce the transmission of sound waves.  This type of glass significantly reduces sound transmission but it will NOT eliminate all noise.  There are many contributing factors and the effectiveness of noise reduction glass.  It not only depends on how thick the glass is and how its produced but also the type of noise that is trying to be eliminated, its frequency range and also the overall construction and insulation of your home.   Due to the manufacturing process of this type of glass it is much more expensive than standard glass.  Speak to our sales team if is something you may consider and they will advise you further.

Low-E Solar Glass

Solar glass has a special coating designed to reflect a significant portion of the sun’ heat and ultraviolet rays while allowing visible light through. This coating helps in improving energy efficiency by minimizing heat gain during hot weather and reducing heat loss during cold weather. Selecting solar glass does attract a further cost and therefore careful consideration should be given before selecting in terms of orientation of the building and the purpose of the glass being installed. A  conservatory roof might require this type of glass if it has a south-facing position.

Lead Windows

You may wish to consider a leased window depending on your style of property.  Lead is applied to the surface of the glass and come in a range of styles and patterns. Your precise requirements can be discussed as part of the bespoke ordering process.

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