Fascia, Soffits and Guttering (FSG)

Integral to every homes protection from weather damage, this aspect of house renovation is very often neglected. The primary function of FSG is to literally to protect the roof over you head. 

Fascia boards cover the ends of rafters, protecting them from the elements.

Soffits provide ventilation to the attic, preventing moisture buildup and protecting the roof structure. 

Gutters and downspouts are essential for channeling rainwater away from the property.

In the addition to the obvious benefits of ensuring your FSG is fit for pupose, replacing it can significantly improve the appearance of your property giving it a clean and fresh look. New FSG can often require less maintenance than older, worn-out systems. Modern materials are designed to be durable and low-maintenance, saving you time and effort in cleaning and repairs.

FSG comes in various different styles and colours allowing you to customise the appearance of your home, matching this to the overall aesthetic and your personal preference.

Helpful Resources

Complete Roofline Brochure

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Freefoam Colour Range

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Fortex Cladding Brochure

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Another way of protecting your home from the elements is with the use of cladding. It is used to create a weather-resistance and insulated façade but in many cases is also used as a decorative feature to visual improve your home.

At Alpha Windows we can select from two superior cladding systems, Freefoam & Fortex

Freefoam is a standard smooth cladding in bright white or woodgrain finish is available in a Shiplap design

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